The first monthly Snapshots & Scenery winner for 2010, the month of January is….Seattle Dave.

Seattle Dave has been a loyal Snoloha fan, customer, supporter and ambassador since the MSN article ran back in 2007. Since then he has outfitted his entire family with gear and continues to spread the Snoloha love in the great northwest.

This photo is a bit unique though, as it doesn’t include any Snoloha gear nor is it a lifestyle shot. In his own words from the email he sent “I came out to my little lighthouse office and found that my 6 year old had made a little art project out of my white board. She’s a fan, too, I guess.” Yes, Dave has an office in the shape of a lighthouse.

This made me realize a few things:

I desperately need to focus on getting more kids gear in the website. For some reason it’s on the To Do list, but never gets done.

I need a lighthouse shaped office.

Maybe Dave’s daughter should be the winner? I mean she’s the one that did the work. All Dave had to do was take the picture and send the email!

And, it also occurred to me that a victim of my Snapshots & Scenery slacking last year was Dave’s lovely wife. I owe her a Snoloha tank top. So Dave, you’ve got a couple Snoloha items coming your way (tell Genie I’m sorry for being a slacker).



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