It occurred to me after I wrote the “Snoloha. Defined.” blog post and the handful of emails and conversations which followed, that I need to be careful with the picture I paint of Snoloha.

The thing that I’ve learned about Snoloha is that everyone who connects with the brand and lifestyle…connects in their own way, which very often times is not the same way. Snoloha may mean one thing to me, but something very different to you. However, the basic concept behind the brand remains consistent…creating unique designs, comfortable clothing & complementary accessories, while promoting a lifestyle that is enjoyed and shared “somewhere between the islands and the arctic”.

If I had to choose one Snoloha design that sums up the brand…well, it’s hard to do, but I think I’d go with the Palm Tree Chair Lift. This is probably my favorite design. It’s a scene that cannot really happen, but makes all the sense in the world to those who enjoy the snow and the tropics. A design that combines the elements and the activities. That is what Snoloha is, a lifestyle centric company melding all things Mother Nature and changing latitudes have to offer…into one image. That is what makes it different from the other lifestyle brands on the market.




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