I’m in the process of a juggling act. A juggling act that involves a website redesign, working with Oliver in Spain / Europe, opening new retail accounts in the US and researching licensing opportunities for the brand. This is a fun juggling act. These are the exciting parts of growing the brand.

This juggling act also requires explaining and discussing Snoloha the brand. What it is. What my vision is. It also makes me realize what it is not.

Though as soon as I think I have a better understanding of how the brand is conveyed and perceived, I usually get an email from someone and their connection to the brand which completely surprises me, such as dog-sledding (you know who you are)! I would of never have guessed dog-sledding, but who am I to judge.

There are some constants, though, regarding what the brand is not (which then gives you a better idea of what the brand is…the exact opposite). Snoloha is not epic. It is not sick. It is not dope. it is not edgy, in your face. It is not testosterone induced. It is not competitively driven look at me. It is not pretentious. It is not cutting edge fashion. It is not a fad. It is not break through technical wear.

That’s a pretty good list.

So what is it?

It is escapism. It is enjoyment. Chill, Relax & Inspire. Slacker-friendly. Cold beer & Hot coffee. Therapeutic, Peaceful & Fluid. An empty beach. A quiet hike. Travel. Vacation. First tracks. Fresh powder. A snowman. A sandcastle. A memorable sunset. An unforgettable sunrise. It is simple. It is fun. It is modest. It is carrying a vacation mentality through everyday life, enjoying all the seasons Mother Nature throws at us.

A good friend of mine mailed me (yes, mail, envelope, stamp) an article ripped out of a recent Sailing Magazine. It’s a great article about smaller sailboats, their simplicity and how much more they are used and enjoyed compared to bigger, more expensive boats that always need attention and something worked on. Rather than the flat screen tv down below, “just sitting in the cockpit gives you the widest screen ever” (one of my new favorite quotes). It goes on to say “sailing is about freedom; freedom from land, freedom from complications…Now is a good time to get back to the basics. Go sailing on a simple boat and enjoy.”

In many ways that’s what Snoloha is. For me the sailing analogy works. But it can also be applied to the ski hill, the beach, the mountains, etc, etc. It’s the escapism.

I worked in the ski and snowboard biz for many years. I had to have the latest greatest gear. I use to pay attention to what everyone else was sporting. Now…I just enjoy getting out on the hill. I could care less what anyone (including myself) is sporting. It’s the enjoyment of the day that is most important. Of course one day when there is a Snoloha snowboard, I’ll sound like a complete hypocrite! Not really though…it will still be about the lifestyle and not the ‘hey look at me’ attitude.

It will still be about that long starboard tack with a little Marley playing in the background and a cold one in hand. Or taking a break in the lodge at the base of the hill for a round of warmers and ‘feeling it’ in your legs.

Whether you’re island hopping in the Caribbean or skiing in Alaska, sitting in a cubicle wishing you were somewhere else, or on a plane headed “anywhere”. Snoloha is that place where you feel relaxed, inspired, or energized.

That is Snoloha. Defined.

Got your own definition? Let me know.



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