When I first started Snoloha, I knew (and felt) immediately this urge to give back. It’s almost an inherent responsibility that comes along with business. Some companies, such as TOMS Shoes, have built their brand around a philanthropic cause. While others, such as Life is good, have created their own foundations to help the less fortunate. Others donate portions of each sale to specific causes and some just donate quietly.

Where and how does Snoloha fit into all of this? I don’t know yet. I’ve experimented with a few different ideas and have contributed along the way. A constant concern that I have is any philanthropic efforts coming across as a marketing gimmick and attempt to increase sales rather than an authentic way to give back. And then there is the struggle of figuring out which cause (or causes) to commit to. There are so many great non-profits out there that need help that I don’t even know where to start sometimes.

I’m still trying to determine the best way to incorporate philanthropy into Snoloha on a more consistent basis (and it may end up being in such a way that nobody knows about it). But as of today, and due to the massive earthquake that has left Haiti trembling and in dire need of aid, it just seems to make sense to direct attention to our island friends in the Caribbean.

If you’re thinking of buying a Snoloha item…maybe take that $20.00 and donate it to the hurricane relief efforts instead.

Would I appreciate your purchase if you really want to buy Snoloha? Of course I would. The reality is, sales still need to happen for any business.

So if you do pick up some Snoloha gear, $2.50 for each item purchased will go to the Red Cross for hurricane relief. Buy one item – $2.50 is donated. By five items – $12.50 is donated. Easy as that. Feel free to spread the word.



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