That’s what I realized after a meeting with my “web guy” last night.

And he’s right. It is. He was much more polite about it though. He compared it to a quilt that has been patched together with a lot of care and love. It works and is comfy, but not at first glance.

When we first launched the site back in winter of 2006 it was clean, crisp and had that new car smell. Since then it’s taken on numerous looks, additions and a brand new shopping cart install. But through it all, we never actually stepped back and started over…rather we just cleaned it up, gave it a little spit shine and called it good.

With all the new branding I knew it was time to revisit the site (and by the way, the current look to the site is my temporary fix to reflect the branding). Now, we are stripping it. Starting from scratch. Taking it apart and putting it back together.

The new site will focus on Snoloha the brand, while highlighting the Store, Blog, Photos & International, and allowing social networking opportunities where appropriate.

Looking back at that first site, makes me realize how much I liked it. It’s simple and clean.




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