Okay, let me explain.

Screen Print Dave dropped off the 3 news shirts the other night while I was relaxing on the water with some friends. We had ordered new Gals Tank Top, a Gals 2-fer Long Sleeve and a Guys Thermal Long Sleeve.

After a couple of drinks at the Grand Traverse Yacht Club, followed by a dinghy ride and bike peddle home I was excited to open the boxes and check out the new gear. It looks GREAT!

I decided to throw on the guys long sleeve. I tried a large, but it was very tight. So I tried an XL, still tight. Finally an XXL and it was still very tight. At this point I started wondering if I was suddenly getting bigger. I couldn’t figure it out. I had a couple cold ones in me and was confused.

The next morning I looked at those guys shirts and realized they were gals (the manufacturer sent us the wrong shirts). So yes, I was trying on women’s clothes after having a few beers. So now, we have Gals Thermal 2-fers (but no smalls and limited mediums for now, because it was suppose to be a guys order).




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