It’s been a heckuva week. The roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship continues.

We have been experiencing some technical issues with the website. It has been VERY slow as of late due to the server not being able to keep up with demand. I could try and explain it, as my web guy would say, in “nerd speak”…but frankly I don’t completely understand it either.

We have determined that the major element of the site that seemed to be making things unhappy was the shopping cart. So…we took it down! Now that’s not something that I necessarily wanted to have to do…but something had to be done. “People who think too much before they act don’t act too much”…that’s a great Jimmy Buffett quote. So rather than thinking and strategizing and thinking and strategizing…we made a swift decision and are rolling with it.

Now we are revamping, retooling, and relaunching a new storefront soon! This is great news. It’ll be easier to shop, to navigate and to checkout. Not necessarily how we would of preferred things to happen, but a new shopping cart was in order.

Then, we will be launching a new and improved homepage…probably next week sometime. And lastly the blog will go through an upgrade as well.

While the new shopping cart is getting ready to launch, you can shoot me an email,, as I’m going to randomly pull names to send out some FREE shirts once we relaunch…send me your name and size.

Now would be a good time to send in photos of your Snoloha lifestyle or your Snoloha gear as well…it’ll make me feel good. I need it. This has been a bit stressful.



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