For those of you out there who have read the story behind the Snoloha brand you already know this…those of you that don’t, well a long story short…St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands) was part of the inspiration behind the Snoloha concept.

Nicci & her husband The Big Kahuna, aka “Scott”, who live on St. Thomas most of the year and back in Boston for a few summer months, started the St. Thomas Blog to share their experience and knowledge of St. Thomas.

On recent outing to Megans Bay, they brought along their Snoloha gear and grabbed some great photos on the very same beach I spent a full day doing absolutely nothing. They also posted a very nice article on their blog about Snoloha and my story that you can read here.

If you are one of those that have visited St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands and can’t wait to go back….so much so that if you don’t take that sailing trip in spring of 2010 you might go crazy…oh, sorry about that. What I’m trying to say is that if you want to know what’s happening in the Virgin Islands and don’t mind reading about and seeing great pics of Nicci and Scott having way to much fun, then check out their blog, follow ’em on Twitter, or become a Fan on Facebook.

Thanks again Nicci and The Big Kahuna!



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