Here’s the deal…as an entrepreneur there is an inherent responsibility to give back. I’ve had numerous ideas on how to best do this. But one of the most straight forward and inspiring comes from TOMS shoes and is a simple premise ~ “For every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need.”

It’s a great brand and an amazing story…one that I’m happy to pass along and be very transparent in letting you know it’s the inspiration behind my thoughts here.

So when you spend at least $20.00 on Snoloha gear (which is not hard to do), I’m gonna send you a shirt to donate however you please…a local Salvation Army, Goodwill, a friend that’s fallen on hard times or someone who simply needs a little pick me up.

The idea being to put a smile on someone’s face and a fresh, clean shirt on their back.

How am I gonna do this? Simple. As a clothing based company you acquire plenty of miscellaneous shirts along the way. It’ll be a mix of clearance items and samples. I’ve got a fair amount to start with and if this works then I’ll order more shirts specifically for this cause.

How will I know you donated the shirt? Karma. What’s karma? “Do good things and good things happen. Do bad things and bad things happen.” ~ Jason Lee as Earl Hickey in “My Name is Earl”

So there you have it. Please feel free so spread the word. And as always thanks for the continued support.



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  1. Love the idea and love Tom’s Shoes! My 21-year old son wears them and is committed to their cause. Genius idea.

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