Snoloha is now in its second year. It seems like it’s been longer, but when I look at a calendar, it’s obvious that the brand is still a baby. It’s obvious when I meet people who have yet been exposed to the brand, and the ensuing conversation about “what Snoloha is.”

“A lifestyle somewhere between the islands and the arctic.”

This past weekend was a great example of what Snoloha is.

Saturday morning I packed up the backpack and cooler and peddled down to the Bay Breeze Marina to throw off the dock lines and set sail for a couple of hours. It was an amazing October day. A cool breeze, mostly sunny and the shoreline on West Grand Traverse Bay was littered with the reds and oranges of autumn change. Up in the distance, atop one of the many hills that protect the Bay you could see the radio tower that we’ve hiked up to so many times. It seemed so far away from that 30′ Catalina we were sailing on. After we returned to the dock, it was back on the bike and over to a friends house for a full day of college football. Not a bad Saturday.

Sunday morning, after a couple cups of hot coffee while watching the leaves fall like snow throughout the yard, it was off to the Old State Hospital grounds for a hike with the dogs. Nature’s floor was covered with leaves, and there was still a fair amount of green surrounding us that had yet to fall prey to the changing seasons. We weaved our way up the trails and found ourselves walking near the radio tower. As I turned and looked out over the bay, it seemed so far away from that perspective aboard “Pisces” that we had been sailing on the previous day. Not a bad Sunday.

These are examples of the Snoloha lifestyle. It is celebrating and enjoying all the seasons that Mother Nature throws at us.

The unfortunate thing about days like these, is that I get so caught up in the moments, that I fail to pull out the camera and capture it digitally.

To give you an idea of what it looks like from atop that hill, here’s a nice shot from the Traverse City CVB.



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