Yep, I’m playing catch up after a weekend on a sailboat. Actually, it was a pretty intense weekend, and it wasn’t all play. I was fortunate enough to go through the ASA (American Sailing Association) 101/103 Keelboat & Coastal Cruising Course. I took the course through my friends at Solstice Sailing and Bay Breeze Yacht Charters.

If anyone reading this has ever thought about taking a sailing class or learning more about sailing, I highly recommend Dan “The Man” Spyhalski. Dan was our instructor this weekend and did an amazing job. We had no wind, strong wind, gusting wind, light rain, heavy rain, lightening and a little thunder, hot temps and then cold temps…basically a normal northern Michigan weekend on the water. You never know what you’re going to get! It was perfect learning weather. And the whole time, Dan was as “cool as the other side of the pillow”. Do be warned though, it’ll change you. It becomes a lifestyle. It’s addicting.

Now, back to bidness.

I have 13 new products to get on the website this week. So far, I only have a few uploaded including a Snoloha Polo shirt – perfect for casual Friday, a round of golf, sipping on a cold one, or just doing nothing!

There is also a new Polo visor – Navy on Stone. And a new Terry Visor – White on Orange. Simply by putting either of these visors on your head will enable you to escape to that far off place that’s always on your mind. Or I guess you just close your eyes and imagine it just as easily…

Check ’em out. Buy something. It’s way cheaper than filling up your gas tank.


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