Okay. I thought it was time for a quick “Behind-the-Scenes” update.

If you ever ship anything to Spain…hold your breath. The Snoloha package the I shipped to the new Licensee has been stuck in customs for weeks. We’ve initiated an investigation, but are still waiting for a response. It hasn’t stopped things from moving forward. Snoloha.com is currently being translated into Spanish and German, and the new International site is being built!

We’re getting ready to print Snoloha Lil’ Ones, and some new Men’s and Ladies products. I think it’ll be available by the end of May…at the latest.

Joe is working on some new designs. I think we’ll be getting a look real soon…I have a good feeling about these.

Fall / Winter product line is shaping up…and it’s really beginning to evolve beyond just t-shirts and hoodies. I’ll unveil more…soon.

This weekend is the Crystal Lake Adventure Sports “PADDLE/RIDE/SURF” Expo in Frankfort. Mother Nature may not fully cooperate, but it’s still shaping up to be a very cool event. The Snoloha Tiki Bar is packed in the Jeep, and I’ll be rolling out in just a few minutes.

Since we had a beautiful week here in Traverse City, I was able to take advantage of working at the tiki bar, instead of in my office. Lola, she’s the intern, wasn’t too helpful this week. I don’t see a full-time position for her anytime soon.




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