I recently had an email exchange with a new Snoloha customer that I wanted to share.

She and her husband were first introduced to the brand at The Sportsman Shop in Glen Arbor while they were on a camping trip. He bought 2 shirts (the serene green SnoSurf and the Chocolate Snoloha, I believe) and he loves wearing them. He’s from England and she’s from Michigan. They live in England and are visiting her parents near Grand Rapids for the summer. She contacted me regarding another shirt for her husband. Their home is a seaside town called Brighton – “very trendy, surfy, cool” and he is “dying to get back and show off his Snoloha gear”.

How cool is that? A new Snoloha family member who lives in a “trendy, surfy, cool” town in England.

It’s an amazing feeling to step back and realize that there are people wearing Snoloha in Florida, Hawaii, Alaska, Massachusetts, California, and now England. It’s tremendously rewarding and exciting to know that people from around the country and the world can connect and relate to the brand and what I’m trying to create.

Thank you, for the support.



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