“Target Market”. Who is it? How big is it? Where is it?

Marketing classes and books will tell you how important it is to know the answers to these questions. The problem is, how do you ever really know for sure? It’s all a guessing game. How many companies really know their customers? How many companies call them consumers instead of customers? How many companies are more concerned with the bottom line, than they are with establishing relationships with people?

What’s the point of this rant?

I have been asked to answer these questions numerous times. And I have never enjoyed “guessing” and “assuming” who would be Snoloha’s target market.

It’s inherent. It’s a joy for life. It’s wanting to relax. It’s needing to escape. It’s looking for adventure. It’s something words can’t necessarily describe.

How do you put an age, gender, household income, geographic location, or psychographic profile on that?

We had a new Snoloha customer recently purchase a t-shirt from one of our retailers. He wasn’t buying it to wear, rather to display behind his tiki bar! How cool is that? Is he Snoloha’s target market? Sure. He identified with the brand and the lifestyle. In all of Snoloha’s business plan iterations, did any of them consider Snoloha t-shirts used as bar displays? Nope.

When it comes to target market, sure you can assume. But ultimately, in my opinion, it’s most important to be passionate, build relationships, and be honest to yourself, your brand, and your customers.



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