I’ve posted a handful of entries that have highlighted lyrics from artists such as The Boat Drunks, Jim Morris, and Jim Hoehn.

In case you didn’t know, their music is considered “Trop Rock.” What is Trop Rock? Well, according to Jimmy Pirate over at TropiCast,

    “Trop-Rock is a sub genre of music that deals with Tropical Fixation. It can also be classified in multiple genres. Rock, Country, Jazz, Reggae, Cajun, Pop. If it has a tropical feel and tells stories about far off islands, tiki bars, boat drinks or anything else that involves hanging on a beach with your toes in the sand, you could call it Trop-Rock.”

And of course the most popular Trop Rock artist would be Mr. Jimmy Buffett. If you enjoy this type of music and lyrics, be sure to check out the TropiCast Radio Showcase mentioned above. The TropiCast is a podcast devoted to playing some of the best Trop Rock out there, but also explores the artists’ stories and where to find out more about them.

So g’head and grab a cold-one, kick-up your barefeet, close your eyes and drift away.
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