Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void has been accepting “Mini-Manifestos” for the past couple weeks. After reading a handful, I felt the urge to write my own.

  1. If I want to listen to Johnny Cash during the “work day”, then I listen to Johnny Cash during the workday.
  2. If I want to declare flip-flops and a t-shirt as “acceptable dress code”, then I declare flip-flops and t-shirts as acceptable dress code.
  3. Since I lost patience for “micro-managing supervisors”, I am sure to not micro-manage nor become a “supervisor”.
  4. I might miss a “steady paycheck”, but I don’t miss burnt coffee, fluorescent lighting, and zombie-like co-workers.
  5. 8 – 5 with weekends and holidays off! Means nothing if at 5:01 and on weekends and holidays you feel like a prisoner who has been freed, only to know that you must return soon.



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