Airports and airline travel may be about as opposite from the Snoloha escapism mindset as you can get.  Unfortunately, in order to escape you may need to fly.

I had to fly recently.  It was a complete nightmare.  Take away the security checks, delays, the cancellation, more delays, the service and the baggage that didn’t show up…and it’s still the opposite of what Snoloha stands for.

It’s a ‘hurry and wait’ atmosphere.  Everyone is jockying for position.  It seems that the people who work there…don’t want to work there.  Who can blame them?  All they do is deal with stressed out travelers pissed off about checked bag fees, delays and cancellations.

It is not an enjoyable place.

I envision a place where you are greeted by a smiling captain, who is genuinely happy to have your business.  The plane is clean and on-time.  You’ve got a cold drink in-hand, maybe a good book to pass the time, and you’ve already started the process of decompressing before even landing in St. Somewhere.

Snoloha AIR.

Hey…it’s good to dream.





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