A couple weeks ago I received an email from a fellow small business and brand owner.  It was from Matt and his new sandal company from  Minneapolis, Minnesota called Bokos.

I get a decent amount of inquiries and solicitations and most of them are ignorable. This one was different, though.  It had a ‘real’ element to it.  And the name intrigued me.  And I really liked the language used to describe the sandals, “From your gym bag to your camping gear, your front closet to your back porch, we’re confident that wherever your Bokos end up, they will soon become your new favorite sandals.”

I also really like the price.  They are affordable, as sandals should be.

Of course, being the sandal and flip flop fan that I am…I needed to try a pair out.  Matt was very gracious and sent a pair my way…even though there was still snow on the ground at the time!

Well, I dig ’em.  They are comfortable.

So I’m confident in giving Bokos Sandals the Snoloha stamp of approval.  You should get a pair…and if you use the code SNO you can get 20% off…and the regular price is only $16.00.  I’m no mathematician, but if my calculator is right 20% 0ff of $16 is $12.80.

OR…if you spend $50 or more on Snoloha gear…you can get a pair of Bokos for FREE (just let me know your size and color in the Order Notes box during checkout — Men’s Bokos & Women’s Bokos).

Bokos Sandals



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