I’ve got some t-shirts that I’m getting tired of staring at…I think they are beginning to mock me.  They need to go to a new home before I ball them up, throw them in the corner and show them who’s boss.

So here’s the deal:

If you buy either the Raw & Weathered Zip Hoodie or the Rainbow Stripe Hoodie (this is for the ladies…but if you’re a guy that wears ladies clothes, hey that’s cool, I won’t judge you.  In fact, I’ve been tempted to try one on because they are very cool).

Back to the promo…buy either of those hoodies and I’ll send you a FREE Snoloha t-shirt.  All you gotta do is type the preferred size of your FREE Snoloha t-shirt in the ORDER NOTES box during checkout.

Simple as that. 

Snoloha Rainbow Strip Hoodie raw_edge_hoodie



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