‘SUP GIRL.  How you doin?

I got a Standup Paddle Board about 4 years ago from a Snoloha retailer as a trade.  It was just starting to catch on here in northern Michigan at the time…and now, you can’t drive along the water and not see someone out on a board.

So when I arrived Saturday morning to setup for the TC Waterman Expo, it felt knida nice to drag my board along as a display piece with the Snoloha booth.  The very first person to walk by happened to work with Surftech (same brand as my board)…and he says “That’s a nice board”.  I think to myself “Sweet, a little respect and admiration from a hip dude in the industry.  Yea, I fit right in”.  He follows it up with “A real classic”.  I think to myself “A CLASSIC?!  What?!  It’s a new sport.  How can it already be a classic?!”  Come to find out, I wasn’t nearly as cool as I thought.  My 4 year old board is definitely already a “classic”.  As I looked around, I realized it did look dated and boards have come a looong way already.  And come to think about it, my ratchet straps securing it to my Jeep, along with my ice scraper holding up the tailgate did not look all that cool either.

Damn.  Almost cool once again.

But ya know what…I prefer “classic” all day long.  Heck, I just upgraded my snowboard last year after riding the previous one for 12 years.

So here’s ‘SUP GIRL.  A perfect design for guys and gals.

Enjoy, and thanks for the continued business.



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