In case you are not familiar with Unsalted Sailing, here’s the original blog post.  Long story short…Snoloha has teamed up with Bay Breeze Yacht Charters & Sailing School to bring you Unsalted Sailing.

I spent some time in Chicago for Strictly Sail, a trade show devoted to all things sailing, where we ‘officially’ launched the Unsalted Sailing brand and concept.  It was a hit.

It was also a very big eye opener, or maybe more of a confirmation, of what I’m going through with Snoloha.

People would walk by the booth.  Stop.  I’d hear them say aloud “Unsalted Sailing, that’s clever” followed by “Save the Salt for the Margarita…I love it”.  Then they’d look for their size shirt.  Pay.  State again how much they liked it, followed by talking about where they sail.  Boom.  Done.

It was simple.  Targeted.  Niche.  Straight-forward.

It is the complete opposite of Snoloha, which is a much deeper, more emotional connection.  It’s not simple.  It is a very different concept that is not straight-forward and not nearly as targeted.

And that’s why I love it.  Sure, it’s a much more painstakingly difficult process to grow, but it’s also an extremely powerful brand that resonates with people in a way I never anticipated.

It’s a nice mix, growing Unsalted Sailing and Snoloha.  Unsalted Sailing feeds into my love of sailing and I know exactly who the audience is.  It allows me to learn more about that industry and partake in events and shows that I’d normally not be able too.

Snoloha is the creative outlet that continues to inspire me.  Snoloha is the escape from the realities of everyday life.  Snoloha is melding the lifestyles, climates and experiences we all enjoy into one brand.  Snoloha doesn’t make sense, but yet is does.  Snoloha is the challenge…which is important.  Status quo and complacency drive me nuts…Snoloha is my answer.

Moving forward, you will continue noticing changes here and there with the brand.  It’s morphing a bit, in a very good way.  In a way that I believe all of you will enjoy even more.





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