Last night I posted over on Facebook an opportunity to win a Snoloha “Wastin’ Away” hoodie.  When I see those hoodies or the Wastin’ Away t-shirts, I can’t help but think about one of my favorite quotes that Snoloha Dani sent me, and that sums up the Snoloha concept perfectly:

“I can imagine a beach with a tiki bar, a couple old salts sitting there and telling stories and lies about the old Navy. Off in the distance are snow covered mountains, just a quick ski lift ride away. A couple jeeps in the parking lot have snowboards tied right next to surfboards. You get it all in one spot and you ask the bartender why there aren’t more people who have found this place. But the bartender just smiles and gives you a wink and says they have, they’re just in there own town of Snolohaville, maybe its just across the road… and he puts another margarita in front of you, already sweating with the heat but still remaining ice-cold. And you take a sip and think, maybe I’ll check that other town out…tomorrow. ~ Dani”



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