I had a meeting with my ‘web guy’ yesterday. He’s acting as the liaison between me and my disgruntled website that is on vacation. The website agreed to allow him to give me a sneak peek at it’s vacation transformation. I could tell that it’s starting to come around and find a better attitude now that it’s had some time to unwind.

I could also tell that it’s gonna come back with a completely new look and feel.

It refuses to Facebook, Tweet or Text me. And although I’d like to know how it’s doing, I do appreciate the fact that it’s ignoring ‘being connected’ while on vacation. That is pretty much what it’s learned from listening to me drone on and on about it.

A little vacation, along with a heavy dose of escapism, is healthy.

It’s looking like the website will be back to the grind next week. It refuses to give me an exact date…had something to do with when it’s ‘fun tickets’ would run low. I told it to make sure to have enough to bring me back some rum…that’s the least it could do.



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