I wanted to feature another Snoloha customer…hence, ‘Snoloha Joe’.

Joe is a bit closer to the brand than most…because Joe is responsible for quite a few of the Snoloha designs you see, including the crowd favorite ‘Palm Tree Chair Lift’. In addition to the designs you’ve already seen for Snoloha, there is quite a library of concepts that have not been unveiled yet…all in due time.

Joe’s design company is Lake Effect Design. Lake Effect has built a diverse portfolio of logos, graphics and product designs for a number of unique clients. One of my recent favorites is the work for el Guapo food truck in Detroit. Not only do I love the logo and the truck…I’m envious that Traverse City doesn’t have a mobile food truck.

Joe has also developed a niche for designing sweet beer labels…but has a diverse range of clients from clothing brands to state lottery and sporting goods to health & beauty products.

The one mark against Joe…he’s a graduate and fan of Ohio State (notice how I did not include ‘the‘). Sorry Joe…but the rivalry always shines through.

Thanks for the continued support, Joe.

Wanna be a featured Snoloha customer? Know of someone who should be a featured Snoloha customer? Lemme know.




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