I had the opportunity to participate in the Traverse City Parrothead Club’s “Wastin’ Away on Grand Traverse Bay” Beach Bash this past weekend. For the event I extended the Snoloha Definition Series to include “Wastin’ Away”.

I figured since Snoloha has customers and fans outside of this area that are also Jimmy Buffett fans, it made sense to also include this shirt on the website so it was accessible…and since I seem to ramble on quite often about Buffett, his music and his business acumen.

I wonder how long until I hear from Buffett’s attorney’s for using “Wastin’ Away”? Though a quick Trademark search reveals those two words alone are not trademarked. Bummer, I was hoping to get his attention…somehow.

So to all you Snoloha / Jimmy Buffett fans (or if you just like the Margaritaville song)…here you go.




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