There was some pretty cool news yesterday…”Detroit to host Great Lakes Week“. The event will be held this fall and is “a first-of-its-kind environmental gathering in October, when three major conservation groups bring their annual or biennial meetings to the city to discuss the health of the Great Lakes.”

One of the orders that is being shipped out this morning includes the Snoloha ‘Great Lakes’ T, after reading about Great Lakes Week and since it’s summer…I thought it seemed appropriate to highlight this design as I did when it first launched back in April.

PLUS…for 1 week you can get this shirt for $18.00 (normal price is $24.00).

This one has been long overdue. And I realize that there are a fair amount of customers that aren’t gonna want this, but it seemed appropriate to pay homage to Snoloha’s home state of Michigan. After all, the story behind this brand is a direct result of it’s location at the 45th Parallel, “Halfway Between the Equator & the North Pole”…or as I say “somewhere between the islands and the arctic”…and the diverse weather and seasonal changes we experience.

And as most folks know, it’s a state that has taken some hits (to say the least) over the years.

Though I now live just 2 short blocks from the beach and the boat here in Traverse City, I grew up “downstate”, as we say in the northern part of the state, in and around the City of Flint. Flint, many of you may not know, is the birthplace of General Motors and was for a number of years a thriving automobile city. Most of you probably know that it’s also the birthplace of Michael Moore, and the fictitious Flint Tropics from Will Ferrell’s movie “Semi-Pro.”

General Motors put food on the table when I was growing up. My dad worked on the line for his entire career, mostly at the Flint Truck & Bus Plant. So watching and experiencing first hand the dramatic changes in the automotive industry and population shifts from cities such as Flint and Detroit hits home, hard.

You see brands all the time that embrace where they are from and people embrace them as well, even though they may never have even been there (Hawaii and California, for example).

From Wikipedia: Michigan has the longest freshwater coastline of any political subdivision in the world, being bounded by four of the five Great Lakes, plus Lake Saint Clair. Michigan is one of the leading US states for recreational boating. The state has 64,980 inland lakes and ponds. A person in the state is never more than six miles from a natural water source or more than 85 miles from a Great Lakes shoreline. Michigan is the only state to consist entirely of two peninsulas.

I don’t know about you, but I think those are pretty cool stats.

Celebrating Snoloha’s Intergalactic Headquarters…the Great Lakes State of Michigan and it’s clean & simple Great Lakes License Plate.

Okay, now look close at the upper left hand side of the lower peninsula (the mitten)…the same area that would be your pinky finger…there are 2 more peninsulas located there – The Old Mission Penisnula, which separates West and East Grand Traverse Bay, and the Leelanau Peninsula, lying between Lake Michigan and West Grand Traverse Bay. Snoloha is at the base of the Leelanau Peninsula. So yes, Snoloha lives on a peninsula, on a peninsula (Leelanau & State of Michigan)…now it probably makes sense why water is such an integral part of the Snoloha brand.

Wear this one with pride.




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