I managed to be L.O.S.T. this weekend, and it was much needed. 2011 had been…uh, well, memorable. The roller-coaster of life and growing a small business has been a bit wild…lots of ups and downs. Nothing life threatening or anything like that…just life stuff that we all deal with now and then…all hitting about the same time.

So practicing what I preach, and “Living on Snoloha Time” for some much needed escapism, is just what I needed.

I finally managed to move the “Snoloha” over to her mooring ball, located just outside the marina, just off the beach and just 2 blocks from home. “The Mooring Life”, as I like to call it, is pretty damn sweet. Sure, The Marina Life is pretty cool too, and offers plenty that you don’t get on a mooring ball (ease of access, water hook-up, shore power, etc)…but quietly bobbing on a mooring ball with a view of West Grand Traverse Bay is not too shabby.

On Sunday Savannah and my wife and I decided to spend a few hours hangin’ out on the boat. We didn’t even bother going for a sail. We just relaxed, watched boats come and go, Savannah played with her toys, we read books, she was amazed at the geese flying by & people in their kayaks, I had a cold beer, so did mom, we had a light dinner on-board and Savannah played with winch covers and lines.

It was a perfect Sunday. It was a true feeling of what life is really about. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my daughter and my wife, especially like that. That’s what Snoloha is to me. We didn’t discuss bills or the unexpected house project or daycare or ear infections. We read “Jolly Mon”, used Savannah’s toy binoculars to look closer at boats (note to self: buy a pair of binoculars), we laughed (mostly at Savannah), we waived at our boat neighbors as they came and went, and we just relaxed.

Often times the stresses of growing Snoloha end up not allowing me to appreciate what it is that I’m building and what it is that so many folks enjoy about the brand…so days like this are a great reminder and help me re-focus on what makes this brand what it is.

So thanks for the continued support.

Here’s to “Living on Snoloha Time.”



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