A BIG thanks to Jane for sending in the great pics and the description…you made this blog post pretty easy for me:

“Here’s a few pics to enter ‘Snapshots & Scenery’ from Paradise Village in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

It was definitely ‘my snoloha’ ~ which to me is an escape I found WITHIN MYSELF on vacation. Where it was so overwhelmingly gorgeous that I stayed in each moment…each wave crashing at the shore, each drink on the beach, each perfect sunset. No thoughts of back-home or even what I was going to do the next day. Even chasing my 15-month old down the beach rather than laying out in the sun, it was truly relaxation at its best. The greatest escape I’ve had from the world till I set foot in the airport to leave. It was my paradise, my snoloha, my bliss.”

“Paradise Sunset ~ sunset over the pool at resort, uhh I wish I was there again!”

At the Shore ~ this is one of my fav pics of Daddy & Son! They loved playing in the ocean together.



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