Snoloha in Scotland.

Topeka Tim (He’s from Topeka, KS…hence the nickname I just made up) sent this photo and note, which made him the current Snapshots & Scenery winner.

I hope all is going well at Snoloha. Just wanted to send a pic sporting your gear in Scotland. This is at Brodick Castle on the Isle of Arran.

What has been as enjoyable as the photo, is the back-and-forth we’ve had since.

Tim mentioned he would love to get a green & white Snoloha hoodie. The problem is, I haven’t had those for a couple of years, but I’ve got so many different samples lying around I thought I had to have something. I ended up finding one of those hoodies. It’s been in and out of sample bags, tossed around my Jeep with other samples, to a few trade shows and shown to a number of retailers…so it has some battle scars to it. I threw it in the washer andI sent it to Tim. It is new, but it looks like it’s broken in, because in a sense it is. I thought he’d get a kick out of receiving the one and only hoodie that I have left that he wanted.

His note back to me:
“The fact that it also comes with a story and some travel experience of its own makes it even better. After all, I figure that’s part of living Snoloha – the gear becomes part of the adventure.”

Thanks again for the support, Tim. And the rest of you…if you want a chance to win some gear, send me a photo or post it on Facebook.



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