I had the opportunity over the weekend to take Bailey the Dog for a walk along the beach on Lake Michigan’s Sturgeon Bay, located in the northwest lower corner of Michigan’s lower peninsula (so not to be confused with Wisconsin’s Sturgeon Bay located on the “other side of the lake”).

In the late 1800’s and into the turn of the century, Sturgeon Bay was a small lumbering community, but today all that remains are sand dunes, beautiful beaches, turquoise green waters, the surrounding 10,512 acre Wilderness State Park…and driftwood.

This is where we go “driftwood hunting” to collect the perfect blank canvas for Snoloha Driftwood signs.

I’m thinking that in addition to the “Snoloha” sign that I’ve always offered (and that retailers get for their stores)…it might make sense to offer a handful of “Snoloha Sayings” to choose from, such as “Relax”, “Escape”, “From Snowshoes to No Shoes”, and “Somewhere Between the Islands & the Arctic.” Hmmm….I wonder if that’s a good idea? You want one? Tell me.

These signs are cool. They are unique, one-of-a-kind and a perfect complement for your tiki bar, patio hangout, outdoor BBQ area, basement man’s land, office cubicle, etc, etc.



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