It’s crazy that it took the tragedy in Japan to finally over shadow Charlie Sheen news coverage. Don’t get me wrong, that trip down Fascination Street with Charlie was interesting, but the 24/7 coverage was a bit much.

Then you have NFL owners and players arguing over how to share $9 billion in revenue. Who the hell cares! Seriously, is anyone suppose to feel anything short of anger over this? Rich people fighting over money. They’re all spoiled. At the least the NFL makes it very clear that IT IS all about the money…the NCAA should be as honest.

And then there’s all this other crap like The Bacheler, Idol, some show about little girls being models and their crazy-ass parents who push them into this world, and these rich, spoiled Housewives of (insert city here). Everyone is insane these days. It seems that people have become more and more self-centered and entitled and all want fame and success over night.

What the hell is going on? As overly socially connected as we are these days thanks to BookFace, Tweeter, and whatever other ‘social networking sites’ pop up next, perhaps narcissism has been allowed to grow uncontrollably like dandelions in my yard in Spring.

At least we have March Madness…by far the most exciting couple of weeks in sports…true reality TV.

What’s the point in this rant?

Simple. This crazy world we live in has made moments of escapism even more important. Get away from it all. Turn off the electronics. No, seriously…turn them off. Don’t just put them on ‘silent’. Better yet…leave them at home at get LOST for a while. Yes, I said leave your Crackberry or your i’mwaytooconnectedPhone behind. Then you’ll really feel LOST.

Sure, it will all be there when you get back. I’m not promoting that you Quit your job. Buy a ticket. Get a tan. Fall in love. Never return.” Though for some that may make sense, and there was a time in my life that was alluring. I’m promoting temporary breaks from reality every now and then…in order to make dealing with reality a bit easier and more enjoyable.

And of course there’s always Jimmy Buffett to put things into perspective:

There’s the price of oil,
the war of the spoils.
Where’s your bucket for the big bailout?
Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan,
We’ve got a lot to drink about.

Recession, Opression, Depression good God
CNN keeps bummin’ me out.
I can’t take another doomsday minute.
Got a lot to drink, a lot to think,
a lot to drink about.

There you have it. Get out. Turn it all off. Relax. Escape. Recharge. Live on Snoloha Time for awhile.



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