No, not that TV show that everyone loved (I never watched an episode). What I mean is I love “Living on Snoloha Time”.

Between growing the business and being a new dad, it’s been a bit more difficult to escape than it use to be. This weekend we are heading up to the in-laws…and lucky for me they are conveniently located just a few miles from one of my favorite snowboard areas, Boyne Highlands.

So on Saturday I’ll be riding solo on the hill, cracked screen iPhone in tow for tunes, and a lunch break to catch the Michigan vs Michigan State basketball game in the Slopeside Lounge.

No, no social networking updates for me. You know how I feel about that…true moments of enjoyment and escapism mean no “real time” social networking updates that take away from the moment at hand. Perhaps at the end of the day, the next day or a even a couple days later. I know, this is not the best attitude to have when trying to promote the Snoloha brand and lifestyle on Facebook…it’s a confusing dynamic that I’ve got myself into that someday, maybe, I’ll figure out. Maybe I should really give in a concerted effort and try for a live ‘Snoloha’ Facebook update tomorrow…but I know myself pretty well, so I know it probably won’t happen.

Solo days on the hill. For me, that’s escapism. For me, that’s how I refocus, re-energize and regroup.

Hopefully you’ll be L.O.S.T. this weekend as well.




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