“Tawas Tim” has been a loyal Snoloha customer and fan for a few years now. And during this time he has not only supported the brand by buying product (thank again, Tim)…but also by sending me some great feedback and photos along the way.

When I ask a question like “What should Snoloha fans be called?” or “What does Snoloha mean to you?”, I can usually count on Tim for some excellent feedback and ideas, accompanied by a photo or two.

It’s customers like Tawas Tim that continue to inspire me. Knowing that Snoloha is making a real connection with folks is extremely rewarding, and reminds me why this roller-coaster of a ride called ‘entrepreneurship’ is worth it.

Good name for Snoloha might be “Slackers!! But we work and play too hard to be real “slackers”.

How bout “Snoloha-ans.” Sounds like and islander from Sno-Loa.

Tough to capture both climate extremes as well as the original name does. Anyway, having fun on a winter afternoon working on this.

Snoloha is the spirit of enjoying the really cool places on this planet, From Sutton’s Bay to St. Maarten, as long as there’s sun, sand, snow, really blue water, and “dos cervesas mui frijo” (two beers really cold). Have some fun with this, great idea.

Tim experiencing the Sno and the Loha…
Sporting his Snoloha fleece jacket at a Cheeseburger in Paradise…



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