It’s easy to run across fellow small business owners who share a passion for what they do. But it’s not everyday that that I run across one who also shares a complementary lifestyle and product, in addition to a sense of transparency in his business and a commitment to his customers. Seth Haber owns Trek Light Gear and believes that “Life is better in a hammock” (how can you argue with that?) The other day Seth wrote a great blog post about the lifestyle around a hammock and gave us another look into his world and what makes him tick, which in turn makes the brand tick. And yes, he also gave Snoloha a nice shout out, as this Colorado lifestyle that he writes about describes Snoloha nicely:

“It’s one of the things that I love most about Boulder’s weather – we don’t just have four seasons here, we sometimes have all four of them in a single afternoon.

For many outdoor lovers that appreciate the snow as much as the sun, Colorado can be like a state of mind come to life. The first full day I ever spent in Colorado began with skiing in some deep powder and ended with putting on shorts and hanging out on my friend’s front lawn with a BBQ grill and a frisbee.”

Yes, I loved the fact that he mentioned Snoloha. But I also love the transparency into his business. This is something I try as much as possible to be, from thoughts of opening a retail store to struggles with vendors and from wondering how best to incorporate ‘giving’ into the business to seeking input on new designs. I think it’s important to give all of you a more intimate look into the world of Snoloha, which ends up being a closer look into my world…and what goes on in my head, which is very scary at times.

My one word answer when people ask about launching and running this brand is “rollercoaster” (or is that suppose to be two words?).

And that’s the truth. Though I’m promoting a relaxed, carefree lifestyle through the marketing of a brand I call Snoloha, often times there’s nothing relaxed and carefree about it. If I spent all my time doing what Snoloha stands for, then I’d never have time to actually work on growing the brand. And as I’ve said numerous times, I often need my ‘Snoloha Moments’ in order to escape from the business side of Snoloha…yes, a very interesting dynamic.

This past Sunday I did just that and headed up to Boyne Mountain for a day of snowboarding with a longtime close friend. It was relaxing and carefree. It was very much needed. Taking a break on the side of the hill with the sun shining and re-telling old stories over a cold one, well, it doesn’t get much better than that.

But as with all Snoloha Moments, the reality of growing the brand eventually kicks back in (though it can be argued that in order to grow the brand I need all the Snoloha Moments I can get because those play an important inspirational role in the brand’s growth and vision…yes, it’s complicated).

This week I’m back to preparing for a tradeshow with a new Michigan based sales rep. For those of you who regularly read my ramblings, you know that is ‘rep hunt’ has been one of my biggest challenges while growing Snoloha. I won’t get into here as it would make for way too long of a post.

As part of this tradeshow prep, I’ve decided it makes sense to introduce a few designs that promote the Snoloha concept, yet exclude the presence of a palm tree, since Snoloha is not just palm trees covered in snow (it’s such a strong imagery contrast that it’s very easy to end up using more than I realize). After all, if you live anywhere near the 45th Parallel, or out in Boulder where Trek Light Gear is based, you know that we experience all the various climates throughout the year..or as Seth put it “we don’t just have four seasons here, we sometimes have all four of them in a single afternoon.”

Enough of my rambling, here’s another new Living on Snoloha Time design:



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