This is not Zach’s first rodeo…he’s been exploited (“featured”, maybe that’s a better word). He has been featured numerous times on this blog sporting Snoloha gear…he’s a great customer and I’m very grateful for the continued support (and he’s a motor-boater. See, sailors and motor-boaters CAN get along!). In fact, Zach may be the the most photographed Snoloha Male Model that I’m aware of. Yes Zach, I just anointed you as a Snoloha Male Model, just like Zoolander.

Here’s a few shots from a recent trip to Hawaii, including one of the limited edition Snoloha Banana Label T.

I’m sending Zach a Snoloha Cooler as the Snapshots & Scenery winner…I believe Zach is a repeat winner, but that’s okay because repeat winners are allowed since I make up the rules as I go.

Send in your photos or post ’em to Facebook for a chance to win Snoloha gear.



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