That’s right…while listening to Radio Margaritaville the other day I heard Robert Greenidge’s (steel drum player in Buffett’s band) version of “Winter Wonderland”, featuring Jimmy Buffett on vocals.

The song starts out with Buffett saying something along the lines of “snowflakes falling this far south”, at which point my attention spiked…sounded like Snoloha to me. Then it happened, he got to to the verse “we can build a snowman” and sang “SnoMon”.

I introduced SnoMon when Snoloha was first unveiled. I had the domain name too, but let it go, damn it! In fact, I’ve been contemplating for sometime now to make SnoMon the official Snoloha mascot.

Buffett understands Snoloha…he just doesn’t know it exists yet. Yes, I have sent a package to him. It was a couple years ago now, and I’m quite certain he never received it.

It’s simple really…and goes something like this…Buffett is introduced to Snoloha. Buffett falls in love with Snoloha. Buffett writes a song about Snoloha. Buffett buys Snoloha. I retire early. I buy a bigger sailboat. I sail around the Caribbean for a year with the family. Simple.

Check out Robert Greenidge’s new CD, “A Coral Reefer Christmas”.



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