It’s about time to choose another Snapshots & Scenery winner. Send me an
, or post to Snoloha’s Facebook page, a photo of you or someone you know in your Snoloha gear or enjoying the Snoloha lifestyle for a chance to win FREE gear!

Here’s a a couple random pics:

First up…the Snoloha Sailing Yacht was pulled out of the water for the season. There may have been a tear or two shed as the mast was lowered, the rudder was removed and the trailer was backed into the driveway.
Next up…Jimmy D sent this in. Enjoying a growler from North Peak in a Snoloha pint glass, with the Michigan football game on in the background. I’m sure he enjoyed the cold beer more than he did the game.
Last up…Hey look! It’s Jimmy D (mentioned above) on the tiller of the Snoloha Sailing Yacht (also mentioned above)…while sporting an old-school Snoloha zip hoodie.



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