Once again, I’ve been slacking with my online activity. I don’t know if I’d call it slacking though…I like to think of it as a temporary online hiatus. I like to take them every now and then….they’re healthy in this over-connected, 24/7, everyone-has-to-know-where-I-am-and-what-I’m-doing world we live in.

We went sailing this past weekend. It was rainy with light winds…but we still sailed. We ended up anchoring near Bowers Harbor taking the dinghy to shore for dinner at the Jolly Pumpkin, and of course calling the boat home for the night.

Fun? You betcha. What I also enjoyed was the fact that none of us at anytime pulled out one of our mobile devices to update our status. Nope. We just hung out. We enjoyed the experience and the conversation…conversation that was about as intelligent as four monkeys sitting around a cage, but we enjoyed it.

And that’s the point…enjoying all that Mother Nature throws at us and carrying a vacation mentality through everyday life. It’s simple really. No iPhone or Blackberry chin-down-eyes-on-screen-must-update-status distractions.

Jimmy Buffett has a song called “if the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me.” For me it’s “if the blog or Facebook or Twitter doesn’t get updated, it’s me.”

So there. Go out. Enjoy the Snoloha lifestyle and forget the mobile device(s) for a bit. It feels good. However if you simply can’t break free of those tiny little handcuffs….at least grab some pics and post ’em to the Snoloha Facebook page!

And in case you needed it, here’s some more Buffett that speaks to this:


You need a holiday, take a holiday
Find a far-off wonderland
Where you might regain command of your life today
Take a holiday, you need a holiday
Grab a pack and hit the trail
Take a sail and wind up in some moonlit bay

You’re caught up in the Internet
You think it’s such a great asset
You’re wrong , wrong, wrong
All that fiber optic gear
Still cannot take away the fear
Like and island song



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