There are still some lingering Snoloha shirts that I’ve been staring at for way too long. I think they are beginning to mock me. I think maybe they are afraid to leave the comforts of their shelf, unsure of what kind of owner they will get. I assure each one as it’s packed into a cardboard box that change is good and that a good home awaits and that their daddy will always love them…okay, maybe the new baby in the house is effecting (affecting?) my brain.

What I’m trying to say is…It’s simple…all On Sale gear is 50% off. Remember, there is flat rate shipping for $5.00 and if you spend $50.00 or more, shipping is FREE.

Sizes are somewhat limited, but if you dig deep enough I’m sure you’ll find something you gotta have.

G’head…shopping at a discount is fun. Shopping while at work is even funner (uh, more fun). Shopping for Snoloha is, well, there are no words to describe it. Okay, ‘fun’ works.

P.S. If for some reason the 50% off prices are not reflected, shoot me a note because once on a while this darn shopping cart likes to try and play jokes with me…shopping carts are not meant to be funny, so I’m not sure why this one thinks it is.



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