It’s been quite a learning experience with this blog and weaving throughout it personal and business related stories, thoughts and news. My lifestyle and the inspiration behind Snoloha is part of the personal drive behind the brand so there has to be certain amount of intimacy for customers to feel a part of and connect with it. At the same time I’m careful not to get too personal…it has to be relevant to the brand in order for it to be “blog worthy”.

And now, there literally is a Snoloha Baby that has made her world debut. I have a picture on my personal Facebook page, but that’s about all you’ll probably be seeing as I’m a horrible “personal facebooker”…I really utilize it more for business than pleasure.

So I now have this dilemma of how not to come across as exploiting my daughter in attempts to drive sales.

However, I also have realized the power that these little babies have over you and I’m sure at some point I will succumb to the temptations and she will indeed make her debut on this website or maybe a design will be named after her (Joe…you reading this?). Jimmy Buffett once said, “if you don’t write a song about your daughter, you will go to hell.” I can’t write songs, so a Snoloha inspired design may have to do.

And the song that Buffett penned? “Little Miss Magic”

She’s constantly amazed by the blades of
the fan on the ceiling
And the funny little faces she makes
can’t help but be appealing
She loves to ride through the town with the top down
Feel the warm breeze on her gentle skin
She is my next of kin

I see a little more of me everyday
I catch a little more moustache turning grey
Your mother is the only other woman for me
Little Miss Magic what you gonna be?

Sometimes I catch her dreaming and wonder
where that little mind meanders
Is she down along the shore or
strolling cross the broad Savannah’s
I know in time she’ll learn to make up her own mind
In time she’s gonna learn to fly
Oh that I won’t deny



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