For any of you Snoloha fans and customers who happen to live in Traverse City or who will be visiting during next week’s Cherry Festival (or anytime throughout the summer)…be sure to stop in at the Boyne Country Sports store on the corner of Front & Union.

Welcoming you as you enter the front doors is their new Snoloha gear, and they have a GREAT selection of guys, gals and lil’ ones. In fact the funny thing is I’m going to end up doing a little shopping because we’ve got designs in that store that have never been printed before and are not on the website.

Gear also arrived at the Boyne Country Clothiers shop located inside the Inn at Bay Harbor. I’m looking forward to visiting the store next week and will post pics then. So for all you Bay Harbor folks…be sure to swing in and pick up some Snoloha gear.

By the way…select designs have “Traverse City” and Bay Harbor” printed on them as well.

Thanks to Brian, Kelly, Jessie and the whole gang for the sweet display…now we just have to sell it!



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