I’ve noticed that I’ve lost a few Snoloha Facebook fans the past few days. Perhaps I’m alienating people with this “turn off the social networking now and then” philosophy.

All you marketing peeps out there, this will probably make your head explode…but one of the reasons I started this blog back in 2006 was to be open, honest and transparent with my customers. And since it’s pretty much common practice these days to hide behind PR speak and legalese (have you been listening to the dolts at BP?), I’ll take the road less traveled and just be candid. Imagine that.

I admit, it’s a very big struggle for me to keep up with all the social networking nonsense these days. This is for two reasons, really.

1. Personally I’m just not very good at it. I kinda just go about my day and my business and never think that I should be updating my status. I try…and every now and then I succeed. But more often than not, I fail (insert joke here).

B. But there’s that business that I’m growing, which means I really need/should be putting my personal feelings aside and instead utilize this communication channel for business purposes. But…Snoloha is a lifestyle brand that promotes ‘escapism’…from the realities and techno gadgets of everyday life now and then. Yet social networking and associated gadgets allow customers to interact with the brand…so it’s a very awkward position. On one hand I absolutely love the opportunity and ability for customer interactions, but on the other hand I’m promoting a lifestyle that includes putting all the techno babble gadgets away and simply enjoying life ‘somewhere between the islands and the arctic’.

Are you picking up what I’m laying down? Personally I’m not a big fan, but from a business perspective I’m kinda forced to be. And since I’m the “face of the brand” (someday I’ll hire a good-looking spokesman/woman) and since it’s always been my goal to be open, honest and transparent with my customers I’m now openly admitting my concerns with social networking, yet I ask for all of you to ‘participate in the conversation’ (that’s marketing BS talk).

Okay. There you have it. Now I’ll probably lose even more fans and followers…but not until I Tweet and Post this first…kind of a ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’ scenario!?

So don’t let my social networking struggles keep you from interacting…because I truly enjoy the interactions, the feedback and the photos.

I guess you could call it Social Networking Hypocrisy.



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