I’ve been working with my Licensee in Spain (Makani Lanakila S.L) and our efforts of growing Snoloha throughout Europe. As many of you readers may know, we struck a licensing deal about 2 years ago. Makani Lanakila S.L has the rights to manufacture, market and sell Snoloha throughout the European Union.

Growth has been slow, but mostly for 2 reasons:

The first we have control over…we are planning on slow, manageable growth while keeping the integrity of the brand in tact.

The second…not so much control over. The economic meltdown didn’t just happen here in the U.S. Spain has been hit hard. According to a recent New York Times article, for the 27 members of the European Union, the rate in February was a more moderate 9.6 percent and the highest rate recorded in a major European economy was in Spain, at 19 percent.

So yes, we are dealing with that.

However we are not resting our efforts just with Spain. Earlier this year we signed a distribution deal for Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Greece. And according to that same NYT article, the lowest unemployment level was in the Netherlands, at 4 percent and the German Federal Employment Agency said that unemployment in that country fell in March.

Our German distributor is having a new website built, which will also sell Snoloha, so we will have brick and mortar along with an online presence.

Yes, things are moving slow, but at the same time they are moving forward.

The brand has been very well received thus far and the simple fact that Snoloha already has growth across the pond is crazy!

Here’s a couple pics of Snoloha gear printed in Spain and of the area that Makani Lanakila S.L is located in southern Spain, near the coast of the Mediterranean.




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