More Lil’ Ones gear and new gear is what everyone has been inquiring about. It’s all being worked on.

I was hesitant at first to offer Lil’ Ones gear, but it sold nicely and now that I have a little one due this summer, I now understand why…people like buying baby stuff, lots of it! So yes, more Lil’ Ones inventory is coming.

As far as new designs on the new T’s for big people, same story…it’s on its way. In fact the Palm Tree Chair Lift is in stock, just not on the site yet. The new ESCAPE T sold thru already so I need to get more and the Living On Snoloha Time is also going to be available.

Yep, the website inventory is pretty bad right now (more on why that is in the next post). However there are some very good deals on ALL GUYS short sleeve Ts, GALS short sleeve Ts and guys polo shirts. Grab ’em up. They are mocking me, and I’m tired of it.

Also, the site is still setup for all orders of $50 or more to receive FREE shipping. Anything below $50…flat rate shipping for $5.00.

These polo shirts have the SnoFlake Palm Tree embroidered on the chest. I’m told that you sometimes have to leave the dirty t-shirt on the floor and wear a shirt with one of those collar things. So I’m told…



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