Last week I asked “what does Snoloha mean to you?” (here’s the post if you haven’t seen it, and feel free to send in your answer if you haven’t done so yet.)

The responses are great, and there is a common thread among all of them. Words like state of mind, feeling, lifestyle, mental vacation, relaxation, enjoy, escapism & no worries were all used consistently to describe what the brand means. People genuinely ‘feel’ the brand. Though I set out to create a community and connection around the brand, these responses and connections are at a level that I could have never imagined or asked for. It truly has become an escapism brand. It is very, very rewarding and humbling to know that this word and concept that I created in my head has an actual impact on people. THAT is what makes all the stress involved in growing a small business worth it.

This feedback has also helped me become more focused in positioning the brand. I felt I was heading down a slippery slope by casting a wider net in an attempt to grow. And quite frankly, when asked “what is Snoloha?”…even I have always had a bit of a struggle to give a short answer. I think many entrepreneurs go through this at some point…not wanting to alienate potential customers by being extremely focused on the ones you know you connect with.

I’ll be contacting winners this week regarding the free gear for sending in their answers.

I really don’t know what else to say other than THANK YOU.

Here’s a sample of some of the feedback:

Snoloha: It’s a state of mind. It’s knowing that when life gets hectic you can relax with a cocktail on the beach or the ski slope. It’s knowing that we work all week for the weekend. It’s working your tail off so you can get away from it all. It doesn’t matter if that’s on the beaches of St. Thomas, the slopes of Whistler, or the above ground pool in your neighbor’s backyard.


“Escapism” is what is means to me.

I put on my Snoloha gear and head to the boat. No worries, no cell phones, no emails…etc. Just me and the sea. It’s a time to slow down and enjoy the moment. We rush around while at work, heads down, trying to get through the day without anymore obligations being heap on us at the job. If people only knew that we looked forward to the tedious jobs of varnishing, polishing bright work, and stowing lines properly, they would think us crazy. But while doing this, all the problems and deadlines at work fade away and we have one simple goal….get out on the water, raft up with good friends, get an adult beverage in your fist, and enjoy the sunset.


Relaxation…..the ability to “escape” to a place you love being -sometimes mentally & other times physically. Cutting loose & enjoying your moments!




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