I was going thru a bunch of Snoloha photos recently and noticed Captain Dave from Bay Breeze Yacht Charters wears his Snoloha gear proudly so I thought I’d highlight some of them here.

I wonder though, why does Dave always ask “Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking? “ (okay, so that’s a Zoolander quote)

I have a feeling that Dave doesn’t take his male modeling job with Snoloha very seriously.

Here’s Dave at Mamacita’s (Culebra, Spanish Virgin Islands) along with some of the rest of us during our recent sailing excursion.
Dave in Culebra

Dave again in Culebra at a watering hole called “The Spot”. Bad things happen there…could have something to do with Tequila though.

This is Dave & Jimmy somewhere in the British Virgin Islands. They are not allowed to wear the same shirts on the same day anymore.

And here he is with his “Thinker” pose during a recent hike sporting his new Snoloha Sailor beanie (which are now sold out). His lovely wife wonders if they will ever have a normal photo taken of the two of them.



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