These photos always make my day. This shot of a Snoloha sticker was sent in from Christopher on his Snoloha Community profile, as he puts it “sharing the lifestyle on either side of my car.”

I’ve had some great shots sent in over the last couple of weeks, so choosing a winner for October is gonna be tough.

To win Snoloha gear by sharing your Snapshots & Scenery pics…there are several ways to share your photos:

1. Visit the Snoloha Community. Create a profile. Upload photos.
2. Visit the Snoloha Facebook Page. Become a fan. Upload photos.
3. Send them to me via email.
4. Use a shot of you in your Snoloha gear as a profile pic on one of your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc)! And make sure you let me know about it.

What if you don’t have any Snoloha gear yet? (yes, I can read your mind) No problemo mon! Pics of your Snoloha lifestyle are acceptable as well.




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