When I first launched Snoloha, my sister always said “you need to do kids stuff.” I shrugged it off…probably a natural reaction towards a younger sister (yep, I’ll hear about that one).

After sometime, I finally introduced Snoloha Lil’ Ones gear. It has been very well received and quite popular. In fact, the inventory level is terrible right now, which means time for a re-order. So yes, my sister was right.

Last week I received photos from 3 different Snoloha customers of their kids sporting their Lil’ Ones gear. I also received the following note with Jacob’s photos:


Jacob’s sweatshirt has had quite an adventure since it arrived a while back. It has been left on an airplane to Florida and shipped back to us. It’s been left on the school bus three, yes three times (so far this year). It’s even done a few cannonballs into east bay and lake of the woods…. all courtesy of Jacob. It’s a survivor, that sweatshirt.
We are thankful that it continues to find it’s way home- as it’s Jacob’s favorite.

Thanks Snoloha!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this type of support. It makes my day whenever I receive photos and notes like this.

Thank you.





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