The big news this week was Amazon buying Zappos for something like $900 million. When you read about these two companies there is a similarity that they both have (that many successful bidnesses share), and that is the customer. Yes, it sounds repetitive and every company can claim they focus on the customer, but I can say from experience as a small business owner that customers are the key to Snoloha’s success. It’s probably hard for big businesses to keep this in mind, but they have to, after all that’s what allowed them to grow in the first place.

I’m a bit giddy today because I’m sending out one of my favorite orders placed. It came in thru Facebook (which is proof that a website alone is not enough these days). This particular customer inquired if I’d she’d be able to custom order 12 Snoloha hoodies for their family vacation this summer. How cool is that ?! So today I’m shipping the 12 black and white (which we’ve never printed that color combo before) hoodies to Seattle, Washington.

It’s not really the actual sale that is so cool, it’s the fact that the entire family will be wearing Snoloha while on vacation. It’s the fact that it’s the lifestyle and what the brand stands for that this customer identifies with. As I’ve said many times, it’s that connection with my customers that continues to drive and motivate me.

Thanks again, Shannon. I can’t wait to see the photos.



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