Who loves an attorney (besides their spouse)? Let me explain…

Last week I had a meeting with my attorney regarding some general business and trademark questions. When you meet with your attorney, you meet at an office surrounded by volumes of legal books…right?

Not necessarily. In true Snoloha fashion, we met at a rooftop patio bar in downtown Traverse City and promptly ordered Coronas and Red Stripes. He donned jeans and flip flops for this particular client meeting.

He proceeded to inform me that after a recent vacation to Key West, he has decided to move there after taking the Florida Bar Exam this summer. People decide to move to warmer climates for many of the same reasons…the sun, the temperature, opportunity, change, etc. He is relocating for many of the same reasons…however what really struck me was his excitement of his main mode of transportation being one of his seven classic Schwinn bikes and wearing flip flops to court. “They’ll be leather”, he assured me.

This is why I love my attorney. He fits the lifestyle. And though I may have painted a “slacker-friendly” image here, he is a very talented attorney (so if you need a good one, let me know and I’ll pass his contact info on).

Luckily the majority of the legal work I need can be done from anywhere, so I still have a good attorney for the business. However, that is one less professional meeting that can take place at a roof top bar…so maybe I don’t like him all that much after all!



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